Monday, October 17, 2005

Can we say, ewww?

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Friday, October 14, 2005 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. They sang together on the first night of a week long Latin Music Festival.

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Daniel Craig, 007 Oh Yuck

Daniel Craig is the new 007 because, um, why?

He is a year younger than me, but he looks about 50. I was shocked to read that he was born in 1968. I have seen a few of his movies and he has decent acting chops, but if Bond is supposed to be THE man to stun women (and men) into submission, he's going to need a bigger gun.

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A dapper Daniel poses for his first official shot
after being confirmed as the new Bond.

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Explain please...

Would someone please explain to me why boxing is a sport and is "fun" to watch? I may love violent horror flicks, but that is merely because they are not real (and no I don't condone actual real life violence in any form). I realize that may sound odd, but I think many, if not all people have that fantasy world of wonder with respect to violence, we are animals really. But when it becomes REAL, it's not funny anymore.

Take this pic and caption for instance. I simply do not understand boxing, never have. And no, I do not want to hear about the "strategy" of it, the mountains of money made, plain and simple, it's two people hitting the shite out of their noggins.

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AFP/DDP/File - Thu Oct 13, 3:44 PM ET

A boxer getting punched in the face. The leading Catholic magazine 'Civilta Cattolica' has taken a swipe at professional boxing, describing the sport as 'a legalised form of attempted homicide,' driven by powerful interests which are often 'cruel and pitiless' in their pursuit of financial gain.

See SAW again

I loved SAW. I love horror flicks period, cheesy or not. I especially love any flick with CARY ELWES in it because he is one of "my men".

I saw (get it? har har) the new trailer for SAW 2 and decided to check out the promo pics/poster for it. At first when I looked at it (the two fingers one) it reminded me of SEVEN and then NINE INCH NAILS. I was also a little nas'ed that the fingers were those of a woman (long nails), unless they are the nails of some coke fiend who doesn't know how to push back their cuticles.

I'm not sure if I like these posters or not only because it took me a moment to figure out that the two fingers indicate TWO, the sequel. It was at this point when I giggled to myself. Dumb ass. I love their respective web sites though. Crank it up and scare the kiddies!

I will still see the movie even though Mr. Elwes won't be in it. Bah. Opens October 28, 2005. And "Oh yes, there will be blood". That's rich.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Rules for The Ugly Project

Welcome to:

THE UGLY PROJECT. A few rules that I would like my readers to abide by (if you are going to post a comment).

1) I prefer people who post to be 18 years and older. If you are younger than 18, please ask your parents/guardian for permission to be reading this material and to post.

2) If you post and TyPe lIkE THis, or spell in funky Ebonics I will delete your comment(s). Please spell check as well. I can't stand ignorant idiots. Show a little pride in your education (assuming you have/had one).

3) This blog was created for
FUN. It’s a blog to rip on people for their lack of fashion sense or on strange news of the world. Anything that I find out of favor. I am doing this project as an outlet for fun and also a way to vent my frustrations on WHATEVER. If I rip on celebs/people it doesn't mean that I necessarily dislike them because more than likely I do not know them. Who am I to judge someone I don't know? To show that I am not biased on just ripping people for their bad fashion sense, or world oddities, my other blog, THE BEAUTY PROJECT, is the flip side to this one and in fact, you may see the same people on that site as you see here. If you are a "fan" of the person being ripped on, I really do not want to read about how awesome they are, blah, blah, and how we should not "hate" on that individual. Your comment(s) will be deleted. HUMOR is the key. Don't take it (my post(s)) and life so seriously.

4) That's about it for now. If I encounter idiots who insist on being fools, I will add more rules.

Tootles! :P

p.s. My name is BLISS and you can e-mail me at People who flame or spam me WILL be posted on this site and have scorching red hot Internet spikes driven through their eyeballs.