Monday, October 17, 2005

Explain please...

Would someone please explain to me why boxing is a sport and is "fun" to watch? I may love violent horror flicks, but that is merely because they are not real (and no I don't condone actual real life violence in any form). I realize that may sound odd, but I think many, if not all people have that fantasy world of wonder with respect to violence, we are animals really. But when it becomes REAL, it's not funny anymore.

Take this pic and caption for instance. I simply do not understand boxing, never have. And no, I do not want to hear about the "strategy" of it, the mountains of money made, plain and simple, it's two people hitting the shite out of their noggins.

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AFP/DDP/File - Thu Oct 13, 3:44 PM ET

A boxer getting punched in the face. The leading Catholic magazine 'Civilta Cattolica' has taken a swipe at professional boxing, describing the sport as 'a legalised form of attempted homicide,' driven by powerful interests which are often 'cruel and pitiless' in their pursuit of financial gain.


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